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At Pro Reservations you are never billed per minute, just flat simple and easy rates. While other companies charge per minute while a customer looks up a flight or gets put on hold, we are able to take our time and have your customer experience the difference. They will experience 5 star customer service. We explain in detail the product and packages and then secure the reservation. Our agents are not message takers. But great sales customer service reps. You will not be disappointed. Sign up today.

Packages Reservation
Monthly service charge FREE
24 Hour Answering FREE
Internet Message Viewing FREE
SMS Delivery (optional) FREE
Email Delivery (optional) FREE
Remote Reservtaion Access FREE
Telemarketing FREE
Wrong numbers/hoax calls FREE
Automated messages/fax tones FREE

No Monthly Fees

There's no monthly fee and no setup charge. You only pay for calls we take

24 Hour

We operate 24/7/365 and we don't charge you more for calls outside normal hours

Dedicated Agents

This means that you will know your agents and our agents will know you and your customers.

Secure Storage

Your precious call data will remain private and secure on our heavily backed up systems

Dedicated Number

Divert your calls to the dedicated toll free number we give you

Limo Anywhere

We will use your Limo Anywhere or any other remote system you use.

Silver Plan - $299.00 (USD)

(does not have graveyard included)

Or Try Our

Pro Plan - $399.00 (USD)

(gives you 24/7 coverage)