Pro Reservations FAQ
  1. How does call forwarding work when using a Reservation service?

    Pro Reservations Service live agents will answer your incoming phone calls in your business name. Based on your specific instructions, our agents will book reservations or forward your calls to the telephone number that you've specified with us. This telephone number can be almost anything - a cell phone, a central office telephone number, your home office. Your clients never need know that your business is using an answering service to receive and transfer your incoming calls.

  2. How does an reservation agents handle my telephone messages?

    If you are unavailable to receive your phone calls our agents will accurately take text-based messages that you can receive by any of a number of methods. You can even have your answering service messages directly emailed or faxed to you. Using a live operator telephone answering system like Transportation Answering service dramatically decreases caller hang up rates.

  3. How do your reservation agent service operators know what questions I need asked of the caller, and what information I need from them?

    Your customer service representative will ask you an in-depth series of questions about your business and the types of incoming telephone calls that you anticipate receiving. Our customer service representative will create a call center script and work with our programmers to design a screen layout that allows our operators to handle your call properly.

  4. How much does your service cost?

    Call us for current rates and to customize a price for you.

  5. Do I have to sign a long term contract?

    There is no long term contract. We operate on a month to month agreement with a 10 day notice to cancel, decrease the size of the package, or increase the size of the package for the next billing cycle or longer.

  6. What services are included?

    All of our packages include the services needed to quote, make reservations, modify and cancel reservations. It also covers the e-mail notifications we give you on every phone call, your every 24 hour phone call report e-mail, the recording of the call and the outbound calls in the event of an incident or emergency. It does also cover wake up calls to drivers, assignment of drivers or dispatch services.

  7. Is my company information and client kept confidential?

    All information is secure at all times. We prescreen all of our applicants with drug testing and back ground checks. We record monitoring of our command center. Every employee signs a confidentiality agreement and we include a confidentiality agreement in every month to month agreement we execute. Your agreement with us contains our specific commitment to keep your information confidential.