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At Pro Reservations we take your service to the next level. Our team is highly trained and experienced. A majority of our agents and supervisors have industry experience by owning a prior company, managing or involved in the Limousine Industry.

At Pro Reservations you can rest assured that we know how to sell your business to your customers. And offer them superior service that will exceed their expectations. We have the newest technologies that have all the vital information for your company. This gives us the opportunity to Quote, Book, Modify, Change, Cancel or update your reservations. We can even notify your Chauffeurs or Staff of any updates or arrivals.

We know you may be apprehensive in trusting others to handle your reservations. But the great news for you is that all of our calls are recorded and monitored for 30 days from the call date. This means that we can email you daily recordings of all the calls we serviced for your account.

You may still be thinking do I really need a Reservation Service? And the answer is yes. Let me tell you why you need us. It does not matter if you have 1-1000 cars in your fleet. Either way you spend a lot of advertising money. And the point of spending advertising money is to get your phone lines to ring. At Pro Reservations we offer, day time, evenings, grave yard shifts, over flow or 24/7 packages. With us you can get rest, take vacations, focus on other aspects of your business and not be married to your lines. But bottom line is save money from paying staff, never miss a call or let a caller go to voice mail again.

We will exceed your expectations. We can also support most Limo reservation software.

  • Fast, easy set up. You can be live in 48 hours!
  • We answer calls in your company name.
  • 24/7 availability. Use us whenever you need us.
  • Less expensive alternative to full Res & Dispatch
  • Where's My Driver calls patched directly to your chauffeurs.